I want to print JUST the Budget ... without any Actuals (Q Mac)

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We have the ability to create a Budget. So I'm creating my budget for the new year (2023).  So now I want to print the thing and then sit down and look at it.  Since there is no Report that shows Budget compared to last years actuals, I need to do that comparison by hand and I want a Budget report to look at . No Actuals!  Because there are no actuals on 5 January 2023; it's just wasting space and adding clutter.

In Q Mac 2006, we had a Budget to Actual comparison report and we could specify the dates for each.  That was the perfect way to compare the new year's budget to last years actuals.  I've been struggling for 10 years waiting for that feature to return.
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    As a workaround, I'd suggest exporting the Full Budget to a CSV file. Open the file in any spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets) and delete all the Actuals and Difference columns, leaving you with just your 12 months of budget values, which you can print. 
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