Uncategorized "Transaction"

Upon entering a detailed paycheck, I get an uncategorized transaction each time that originates from the "Employer Match" section of the paycheck entry, if I leave the entry as 0.00. I have no option to delete the default Employer Match entry, since I do not use it for my entries. The "Uncategorized Transaction" notice appears on my Home tab "Main View" and does not show the origination of the notice when I click on "Uncategorized Transaction." Hopefully you can generate a fix.


  • sammyshanker
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    I am getting the exact same issue.
  • maratekin
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    I noticed today that two loan payments (which historically have split into principal and interest) are showing the whole amount as an uncategorized transaction. This, coupled with issues related to duplicate entries and uncategorized categories in paycheck entries is a great cause for concern.
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    I started a new 2023 quicken file, on my accounts.

    Unfortunately 2022 showed up that I didn’t want but there was no option to select 2023 only.

    On the Home > Dashboard the last 90 days is the default for uncategorized transactions from 2022.

    On the home page dashboard in the uncategorized transactions box the number of uncategorized transactions shows the last 90 days. No Default to choose 3, 5, 10 , 20 days.

    Click on the number takes me to the spending tab.

    In the spending tab my accounts are selected, days (this year) and spending.

    Returning to the home page all uncategorized transactions all (25) through October 2022 November 2022 are still there.

    Since I'm only tracking 2023 years spending, if I delete the 2022 uncategorized transactions will my current dollar amounts change in my balances?

    BTW - a new Q file from scratch made the program run a whole lot different including the 1 step update.
    Unfortunately 2022 showed up that I didn’t want but there was no option to select 2023 only.

    In another instance the Top payees - says No Payees – shows a dollar amount but every payee is accounted for – I have no idea why or who.
  • mindtrip
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    This is happening for both my and my wife's paychecks as well. It happens when we have a $0 entry to our retirement plans but there is a corresponding match. For example, my wife puts her 403b money into a Roth 403b; the paycheck function of Quicken, however, does not allow you designate a Roth retirement contribution with an employer match, which is stupid. Instead it makes you enter $0 for the amount to go into the 403b pretax, with the correct employer match, then enter a separate after-tax category to put the 403b contribution in as a Roth. This creates a $0 "uncategorized" transaction in Quicken, due to the match being linked to what it sees as a $0 pre-tax contribution.

    For me it happened at the end of the year when I had maxed out my contributions to my company's 403b before the final paycheck, but was still eligible for a matching contribution from my employer so that they also maxed out my eligible match for the year. It showed a $0 pre-tax contribution on my paycheck with an employer match, and now shows the $0 portion as an "uncategorized transaction."

    This is all new, by the way, in the last month or two. I'm guessing something changed with an update.
  • pt216
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    > @mindtrip said: > paychecks retirement plans "uncategorized" transaction pre-tax contribution 403b the matching contribution eligible match > > This is all new, by the way, in the last month or two. I'm guessing something changed with an update.

    sorry if I cut up your statement up but isn't quicken advertised as a personal finance and money management software allows you to manage spending, create monthly budgets, track investments, retirement and more ? :o

    I'm trying to understand why do we go thru things like this?
  • Huido
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    Same issue here, but the problem seems to be more general: Quicken released an update that allowed to modify several fields on recurring transactions (Bills & Income tab) "on the fly", meaning when you enter the transaction to the corresponding account. Since then, all recurring transactions split into several categories that have been working fine for years (like income and loan payments) now are getting saved split as one uncategorized transaction for the full amount and the normal saved categories in $0.

    It's specially annoying for loan payments because it forces you to calculate the principal and interest payments to split them manually, kind of negating the whole purpose of saving a loan in Quicken.

    For the record, I don't use any synchronized payment. All my transaction are manually saved.