Interest computations for loans not working after update this morning (1/6/23)

I use the loan tracker to compute interest and principle payments on loans I have made to individuals. It has worked flawless until today. I did a quicken program update and now when I enter the saved split transaction the lines for interest and principal are all 0 and the balance is using as the bottom. It should show two splits for interest and one split for principal. Any ideas by Quicken?


  • johnnstacey
    johnnstacey Member ✭✭
    I am experiencing the exact same problem. When I go to the loan reminder edit it shows the correct entries but when it is actually entered into the registers it puts the entire payment into the loan account and does not breakout the interest, etc.
    Just started after the last update as the OP mentioned.
  • Dave335
    Dave335 Member ✭✭
    Does Quicken have an answer to this big problem? I have three loans that I need to properly record the interest, principle and loan balance for. Looks like John and I have this problem and so would anyone that is acting as the bank on loans. Does Quicken respond here so we know if an issue is even being looked at let alone fixed? Any info on the status of this problem would be appreciated.
  • Dave335
    Dave335 Member ✭✭
    I was just reading the R46.9 fix list and it mentions "Synchronizing split categories transactions created on mobile/web with Quicken desktop could result in losing the split categories." Sounds like something the other poster and I are dealing with although I don't use mobile or web. I am desktop only and download transactions. My transaction shows all three splits but they are zero instead of the calculated amount they should have in them and the total amount of the income reminder is in the adjustment column after the last line.
  • mindtrip
    mindtrip Member ✭✭
    Same for me. I don't use the mobile/web thing, but while my loan splits look correct in the bill management page, when I go to enter them it shows $0 for all the split categories, and then the entire amount at the end of the splits which is uncategorized. This is new starting in the last 1-2 weeks for me, since the last update.