Auto Scroll to Top

I am wondering if anyone dislikes the Auto Scroll to top in the Planning Tab? I am not sure, but this might have happened after the 20.15 update. When I am scrolling down within the planning tab on my accounts, if I add or take something out of one of those accounts, it scrolls back up to the top so I have to scroll back down every time to get to the next account. It used to stay on the account I was working on and when I got out of it, the next one under it would be there to work on and so on. It would not automatically scroll back to the top account each time after I worked on one of the accounts. For me, it was so much easier when it did not Auto Scroll back to the top each time.


  • Agree that the auto scroll to top is annoying, time consuming and user unfriendly. Makes no sense!
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