Are there users out there who STILL cannot synch or update bank accounts?

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I just chatted with Quicken and was told to "try again in 24 hours." Not at all a satisfactory response after 6 days!

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  • tomdip1
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    Still unable to DL transactions from Financial inst and banks. Running Ver R45.21


  • UKR
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    The problems encountered during New Year weekend and Monday, 1/2/23, are said to have been resolved. I have been able to download without problems since Tuesday, 1/3.
    Longer lasting issues from last year are still unresolved.
    What banks are you having download issues with? What error codes or error messages?
    What version and release of Quicken?
    What version of Windows are you using?
  • sackboydad
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    I have really had it with Quicken. First the issue starting on 1/2 where nothing from Bank of America or American Express would download.... then it started working again.... today Quicken pushed an update with completely screwed everything up. I have had crash after crash.... and the SAME EXACT issue that they said was fixed with their "connection partner" is still broken. Bank of America, American Express, Goldman Sachs are not working again. But this time, Quicken just hangs forever. I am sick and tired of paying quicken the subscription fee they said was necessary to provide a great product.... this product has really gone downhill in the last year... .lots of connection issues, bugs, etc....
  • Fud
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    I am using Windows 11. I receive no error messages - synch and update just run forever until I force close the app. CapitalOne, Chase, US Bank will not sync or update. Citi does. I have the current version of Quicken - R45.21, build Their online chat person just two hours ago told me the issue is NOT resolved and I just needed to try again in 24 hours. 🥺
  • Jack
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    Citi tells me I have the wrong password and will not login, however, I have no problems going to a browser and logging into their web site.
  • QwikOne
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    > @Jack said:
    > Citi tells me I have the wrong password and will not login, however, I have no problems going to a browser and logging into their web site.

    "The wrong password" to which Citi is referring is that which is in the Password Vault for Citi. Did you change your Citi password for the Citi transaction account? If so, did you update that in the Vault, as well?
  • Fud
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    I am now able to update accounts but it is taking 5-6 minutes to do so v. Previous 1-3 minutes.
  • tomdip1
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    Still unable to DL transactions from Financial inst and banks. Running Ver R45.21
  • Quicken R44.28 won't connect with USAA Federal Savings Bank - Error 501 1540 Tue 10 Jan 23 CDT
  • SDolibois
    SDolibois Member
    cannot down load from Wells Fargo
  • ygarza
    ygarza Member
    cannot download from Credit Human, Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Sue MC
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    today, I was unable to download from Bank of America. I was able to download this past Saturday.
  • amennis
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    Cannot down load from UNIFY Financial Credit Union for 3 days now. :# >:)
  • Bob Gabor
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    Cannot download from Coastal Credit Union.
  • rjlawlerjr
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    I am still unable to download from Coastal Federal Credit Union (NC).
  • tomdip1
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    All financial institutions are now downloading and recording further issues.
  • ldubin
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    Bank updates which usually took 30 seconds since the elimination of direct connect now take three minutes during which time the program is unusable. The issue of slow downloads/updates was addressed in Ticket #9928609 and declared "resolved" on January 9. It has anything but been resolved.
  • Walmeal
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    Cannot download or update from Apple Federal Credit Union
  • kkb226
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    Uable to update from Knox TVA Emp CU since 1/4/2023
  • Rach_NC
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    On Version R46.12 Build Windows 11 Home (Home, Business & Rental Property ) Unable to download anything from Coastal Credit Union (coastal federal credit union) since 1/9/2023. Spoke to Support and they have an alert and said they are working on it. It was fine prior to the 9th.
  • JZ78
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    I'm also having problems. My Direct Accounts work as they always have, but my BofA & Chase accounts continue to have problems. Most of the time I have to sign out of my account and sign back in to get them to work. Saying this problem has been resolved is totally wrong.
  • I am unable to connect to my other Wells Fargo accounts. Can log in via browser just fine, but Quicken just shows a blank pop up
  • Nightfly
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    I haven't been able to download since 12/28!!! The download says it works but 0 TRANACTIONS were updated!!!
  • Nightfly
    Nightfly Member
    My comment concerns Coastal Federal Credit Union (NC)
  • GLane
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    I've been having this issue myself. I've contacted Quicken several times and everything they have suggested hasn't worked. I even had my savings account turned into a loan account and shows paid off. The last good operation I had was on 12/24. I haven't had anything from CFCU since then. Like you, it shows that updates were made but no transactions were downloaded. My first error code was CC-601. After contacting Quicken and working through what they suggested, I waited 24 hours as specificed the got a CC-800 error. I decided to restore a backup from the day before I contacted them (This backup was done when I first had issues this month-Jan) and now don't get error codes, but now transactions are downloaded.
  • GLane
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    My last post is misleading. The last sentence should have said, "don't get error codes, but "no" transactions are downloaded.
  • mbuchana
    mbuchana Member
    Getting no errors but Discover card/bank are not downloading.
  • Tom Scanlan
    Tom Scanlan Member ✭✭
    Still nothing downloads from CFCU. It has been about 3 weeks since the last download.
  • remery
    remery Member
    unable to download from Key Bank. ALso unable to update bank passwords in vault
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