STILL cannot update from BofA, AMEX, etc. And now Quicken CRASHES when you update

Come on people at Quicken! Enough is ENOUGH. Back when you changed to the dreaded subscription model, you promised us that paying every year would make Quicken a better application.

1/2/23.... nobody can update because a "partner" had an issue
1/3/23..... you said this issue was fixed.
1/4-1/5.... look like it was fixed (although slower)
1/6/23..... It's worse than ever.... now the same issue from 1/2/23 now causes a software hang and after about 10-15 minutes Quicken just crashes back to the desktop.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, especially since you're charging us all every year to make this better software.


  • Johnson45
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    I have been using Quicken for 30 + years. Now Quicken is changing account names and/or constructing new accounts and downloading into these. To make it even worse it automatically backs up this erroneous information. There is a total [mess] up so confusing I don't think I can continue to use Quicken.