Account Bar Balance wrong - all balances correct in Register

Today I saw that the balance in my Citibank Checking account is wrong in the Account Bar. The Current balance, end balance, and online balance are all correct in the Register. I've restored backups from the past several months, and the account bar balances are all low by about $2,500. So most of those account bar numbers are negative amounts. This account is the top account in the bar, and I absolutely would have noticed those negative amounts at the time, in fact I would have freaked out!

Because the account bar was not incorrect at the time those backups were made, only when restored, I wonder if syncing to cloud is to blame. I don't use the mobile app as it has never worked me, but it may be doing damage now.

I did a Validate, which found no errors

Any suggestions?

Quicken Windows 10 Premier Subscription R45.21


  • Chris_QPW
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    They have turned on the downloading of pending transactions feature again.  The last time they did this it caused so much problems that shortly after they had to turn it off again.  Note this separate from any release even though R46.9 was release to a limited number of people today.
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  • oraclemetro
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    Yes, I noticed that today too, as when I did a download, the transaction flag was on for another account, but there were no downloaded transactions. I don't think that's what's causing my problem, as my backup versions have the same issue.
  • smichels62
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    I don't have any pending transactions so I don't know where it's pulling the numbers from. Isn't doing it on all of my accounts.
  • KM100
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    I found the same to have occurred for me. account register is correct, however ending balance in the Accounts listing is wrong (low). I'll have to ignore the account list balance until a fix is pushed out
  • checkersjg
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    Same problem here. FWIW, mine appears only to be Citi and Chase credit cards. No apparent pattern, each off by different, apparently arbitrary, amount. Always something.
  • checkersjg
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    Sorry, posted too soon and can't edit. Mine are all to high. Doesn't appear to have anything to do with pending transactions. One card has none, another has one which is not the same amount as the balance is off by. Pardon my participle.

    Also, I almost always get phantom transaction flags on Chase only, not Citi.

    Q* Version R45.21, Windows 11 current update.
  • Greg Semple
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    My Quicken balance and Chase balance on one account is $1345.81 off. I can't find any error unless Quicken deleted transactions on this update. I am running the current version, R45.21 Build

    Did Quicken trash my accounts again? Tech support did it now the program does it?
  • samandannie
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    I have the same issue. This problem is different than the previous pending transaction issue. With the previous issue, it was difficult to reconcile because it would represent the balance including pending transactions. This morning the registers are all ok, and balancing was fine; it's just that the balances in the account bar are simply incorrect. There is no iteration of the application where the account bar balance should differ from the register balances that I can think of. Has anyone communicated with Quicken on this topic?
  • JonBattle
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    Same here...I found a pending transaction in my register that was 6 months old and is causing the discrepancy. I deleted it but no luck. Hoping for a bothers me 24/7 when my Quicken is messed up
  • richie5665
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    I have the same problem where ending balances (suddenly) do not match left hand column balances. Need assistance.
  • b1mb03
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    I do feel better knowing it is not just me. It is occurring with several accounts. Hopefully they will fix is soon.
  • slmahon73
    slmahon73 Member
    I have the same issue.
  • JonBattle
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    11:38am CST - this appears to be fixed. Balances are in sync. I dont see a new release downloaded so I am not sure how this happened....unless it came from the bank
  • I am having the same issue and on the same version listed above. I have been chatting with support and here is there response...

    "Thank you so much for all your time waiting, I do appreciate it, allow me mention that I was able to validate on my system and this issue has not been resolved yet, and our technicians are still working to get this resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your understanding. "

    I asked for the Incident Number or Change Number for the bug, but they could not provide that to me.

    I asked for an ETA and here was there response...

    "That's a very good question, and at this moment there is not time frame to have this issue resolved, but we kindly recommend you to keep checking in our community for any update."
  • Sorry all, I wrote too soon. Looks like my balance on my one Chase Savings account has been fixed.
  • JonBattle
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    > @louieandfrankie said:
    > Sorry all, I wrote too soon. Looks like my balance on my one Chase Savings account has been fixed.

    No sorry needed. Mine looks OK too but I don't understand how as a new version of QW did not download. I did need to make a one time balance adjustment to get it right...after that all was good.
  • PeterV959
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    Let me add my 2¢ worth. I opened Quicken yesterday and did an update. After the update I notice pending transactions were on again. Frankly I like having pending transactions showing. My bank (Truist) was sending my current balance with the pending transactions included but Quicken couldn't/wouldn't show me the pending transactions. What I noticed right away was the the last balance on the final posted transaction was wrong. Then I looked and found a recent, but pending transaction that was not supposed to be there as it had been posted already. When I deleted it I noticed the warning that wanted confirmation that I was deleting a reconciled transaction. I blasted through the warning and things went REALLY wrong with my balances AND the just deleted pending transaction was still there. Silly me, I tried to delete it again and got the same warning which I again ignored. I went through and discovered that I was missing two transactions from 2½ years ago. I fixed those and went back to my pending transaction. After carefully trying things I found that if I edited the pending transaction and then saving it with the diskette icon to the right on the transaction line I could then safely delete that transaction. I did that several more times on older pending transactions and got everything lined out. In the course of that I discovered the two (new?) icons in the account balance bar. One is the "information" icon (circled "i") and the other is an hourglass (⏳ ) icon. They both open a pop-up menu with setting for balance control (include/exclude pending transaction amounts) and whether to show the pending transactions or not. With all those tools I got everything working correctly (so far...knock on wood).

    Because I rarely carry cash I use my debit cards all the time. On the weekends I just ignore Quicken because there are too many pending transactions to try to verify. Now I hope to be able to look at my registers more if the pending transactions will download correctly between bank postings.

    I hope this helps others who are struggling with their pending transactions. I, for one, hope they will get them working hassle free (or at least hassle-lite).

  • oraclemetro
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    Yesterday I was able to get the account bar balance corrected when I deactivated my Citibank accounts. The day before, in a quicken support session, that did not work. After deactivating, I tried re-adding those accounts, and the account bar balance was again wrong. So, deactivated again. Just now re-added Citibank accounts and this time the account bar is correct. I have no idea what's going on, but I do have about 20 new backups from every time I tried something. BTW, I don't have the new icons in the account bar that Peter mentioned. Maybe Pending transactions has been turned off.

    So, I'm glad things SEEM to be ok right now, but all this drama as I prepare to file my taxes is stressful!
  • Greg Semple
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    So today quicken is not showing the pending transactions anymore but it re-added 2 of my checking accounts that were previously working just FINE. The ones I added before now have the WRONG balances. What the h... is going on? This is totally ridiculous. 
  • Greg Semple
    Greg Semple Member ✭✭✭✭
    So, I restored a backup from 3 days ago. This one was correct according to notes I made on account balances. I ran OSU to see what it would do, for some reason it added my 2 checking accounts, but no transactions posted. The 2 original accounts that I've had in Quicken, forever, did not have the correct online balance. The correct online balance that I got from Quicken update included 3 pending transactions that didn't clear yet at the bank. When I manually marked them cleared, now quicken balance matches my Bank (OBTW it is Chase) balance. Other Chase accounts match online balances, it is just my 2 checking accounts that seemed to be out of sync. This doesn't make any sense. 
  • joannesp
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    My Account Bar Balances in the left column do not match the updated balances in the register.