Pending transactions back, and still broke?

Pending transactions are live again, and it does funky stuff with the balance and other transactions, along with moves the date line to inaccurate spots. Same issues as the last time we tried this


  • Daveberts
    Daveberts Member
    I concur. Pending transactions refer to cleared transactions back in October 2022. There does not seem to be a way to delete pending transactions and it causes the balance in the accounts column to be incorrect by the amount of the erroneous pending transactions. There may be fewer than last time this was enabled. Currently I only see it on one BoA account. Last time I saw the issue in many accounts and with other banks.
  • William J
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    Running R45.21

    Just showed up at bottom of screen.
    Click on hourglass for options, including hide.
  • William J
    William J Member ✭✭
    BE CAREFUL!!!!

    My account balance is still incorrect.
    There is still a major coding issue.
    My balance is incorrect.

    A test, deleted pending transactions, do not actually delete.
    But a balance adjustment is shown.
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