Tag corruption

Earlier, I posted to the thread https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7921292/tag-issue-single-tag-becoming-multiple-tag-on-reports but now I read this category's description, my comments are better placed here. @gp999 may want to follow this new discussion.

I rely on tags to differentiate between purchases made by family and friends. I use tags to create an expense report showing how much money individuals owe us for purchases we make on their behalf. Unfortunately, tag corruption prevents me from generating expense reports reliably. The last time I ran "Validate and Repair Your Quicken File" the report showed the message "Minor problems with Tags corrected" but Quicken didn't remove the second, corrupt tag.

The problem is that Quicken randomly adds a second tag in the register, i.e., MyTag:QuickenAddedTag. I can remove the second tag and generate a report, but the second tag reappears in the future. In the attached register example, I added the tag "Kathie" and Quicken added the tag "Mitchell" randomly. The second tag makes its way into the expense report.

There's a bug lurking in tags that the Quicken development team needs to fix.


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    This morning, I had a Zoom meeting with Kuldeep Singh to discuss the issue. I am sharing my sanitized data with the development team so that they can identify the cause of the problem. The issue number is CTP-4949.