My account registers change colors after one step update.

After an update the registers colors change and can’t be changed back even when going into preferences and resetting to default. I have reinstalled quicken, validated and super validated the file without success. If I restore to my backup from the day before everything is back to normal. Something must be happening during the one step update. Quicken support thus far has not been able to resolve.


  • dpaulsims
    dpaulsims Member ✭✭✭
    @Hdraz You taught me something new today! I haven't used register colors. After a one-step update, what do you see when you click Edit -> Preferences, select "Register" on the sidebar, then click the "Colors..." button? Are all the values set to "Default" as shown in the screen capture? Based on what you say above, I assume clicking "Restore Defaults" doesn't solve the problem? Have you experimented with selecting other colors for the registers that are colored in ways you don't expect? Do the colors change when you select a different color manually? If they do, can you restore the expected colors by selecting "Default" afterwards?
  • Hdraz
    Hdraz Member
    The reset does not work in this instance. What I have learned thus far is using the OSU icon where it runs all of the accounts causes the color issue. If I run the OSU for each account there is no problem. I have called tech support and they do not have any idea as to this issue.