Pending Transaction Testing

Windows 10
Quicken Deluxe Version R45.21

1. While you have apparently shut off Pending Transactions again (1/8/23), when you implemented this on my laptop several days ago (1/4/23) it caused a ~$1600 error in my account. Appears to have been something corrupted back at the beginning of the account with opening balance value. I am positive I was not in overdrawn status for most of the last 2 years which is how I know the problem was back at the beginning. I fixed the issue but I really don't need this sort of stress.
2. Please do not implement "Show Pending Transactions with the amount being deducted from the account" when implementing this. The shock of double entries is nerve racking. Example: Entered that I paid $400 electric bill which posted to account, then suddenly Pending Transactions appeared which deducted another $400 from my account balance. I then had to research the site to determine how to Hide Pending Transactions. This is a very poor way to test this feature. These double entries only confuse the user. I reconcile my account daily so I catch something amiss real quick. If you must test this with end users then at least set it for "Show Pending Transactions with the amount NOT being deducted from the account" so it does not show improper balance values.