Put back "update selected account" option on the Accounts tab in Quicken for Mac (+1 Merged Vote)

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Just updated to version 6.11.2 and the"update selected account" option disappeared from the Accounts tab. Very useful as I have lots of accounts but only 2 that are used on a daily basis, specifically a Cash Management Account and a credit card. Would like to update an account and review the download as I choose, rather than having all accounts to review.
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  • PWR
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    It would be extraordinarily helpful to be able to "Update Selected Account" with Quicken for Mac, regardless of connection type. The Win version works (or at least used to worked) reasonably well. That is, when one selected a single account to update, Quicken would download transaction information for all accounts under the individual's username on the selected account's Financial Institution. The function worked well enough for me (although not perfectly) when I recently switched to Quicken for Mac. However, the function in any form has apparently been removed with the 6.11 / 6.11.1 version update.
  • etball01
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    Actually, this problem started when I updated to 6.11.1. Very inconvenient!!!! Also disappeared from the sidebar. WHY??? I think it used to work with shift-command-U. Never had a problem with it before. You have added an annoying "update".
  • BillBB
    BillBB Member
    I agree. Please put it back on the Accounts menu!! Disappeared for me too after installing 6.11.2. shift-command-U still works for me, at least the first time I tried it, but it still needs to be on the menu like before.
  • rfgriff
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    Absolutely stupid decision. I have 20+ accounts, but usually only want to work on one or two. Now i have to go through *five* separate two-factor-auth dialogs and wait minutes for all 20 to update. Stupid. Bring it back, please.
  • ScotM
    ScotM Member
    Please Bring this back- Update selected accounts is a great feature
  • TomSlick
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    This has truly limited my ability to use QMAC. PLEASE RESTORE THIS FUNCTIONALITY. For that matter, please don't remove any other functionality. I see no way that this change has helped anyone but it has hurt many of us.
  • garthc
    garthc Member
    Another vote to restore this functionality. Some accounts like mortgage accounts update once a month. OTOH, checking accounts update daily.

    Before I could download checking transactions in seconds. Now it’s several minutes, including responding to MFA requests for accounts I know haven’t been updated.

    A real step backwards here.
  • elmerdmail
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    Restore the single account update [Removed - Off Topic]
  • coylempkc
    coylempkc Member
    Also was a feature I used all the time...not like others it forces me to update all accounts which wastes a lot of time when I want a quick update of bank and credit card accounts.
  • fakilby
    fakilby Member
    Yes, put back Update Selected Account. It was very useful feature.
  • Lysander Spooner
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    Put it Back
  • ed angel
    ed angel Member
    Yes, please. Please restore the Update Selected Account. Why did you not tell us???? That's pretty poor.
  • sirreel
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    Please restore this very useful feature. Also - why are there a month's worth of please and zero response from Quicken?
  • JB20
    JB20 Member
    I recently updated Quicken Deluxe for the Mac to 6.11.3 and was disappointed to find that the new version has removed the functionality to download transactions for one specific account at a time. Now, in order to update a specific account you must update all accounts. I have lots of accounts and this can be time consuming.
  • AlaskaJim
    AlaskaJim Member
    Ditto, please restore this option. It makes no sense to delete it......
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @JB20,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your request.

    Your idea has been merged into this already active Idea thread regarding the same request.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • billeye10
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    @ Quicken Anja- please provide link to the merged thread/post.

  • Makers
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    Add me to the list of users who hope to see the selected account option restored. The workarounds (ie, updating all accounts, or skipping all but the one of interest) are unnecessarily time consuming and frankly cheapen the quality of the product.
  • JoeInOhio
    JoeInOhio Member
    Adding to the chorus (and votes) here, while I wait for ALL of my accounts to update. There has to be a better way. Until you find one, please consider restoring the previous functionality. Throw in a pop-up alert if you need to. Just, please, have mercy on those of us with many accounts!
  • nhuddleston
    nhuddleston Mac Beta Beta
    Back, bring it back, don't take it away from me...
  • I am in agreement. I have been using Quicken since 1999 I believe. Changes over the past few years that are minor, such as this one, are typically ignored by Intuit. The So Mac product lags behind the Windows product. Cost is the same for a product that is inferior due to the lack of programming capability for the Mac platform..
  • jacobs
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    @angrylongtimeuser Just FYI, Intuit hasn't owned Quicken for the past seven years. ;)
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  • ScotM
    ScotM Member
    How about a response from Intuit? Will you please add back the update selected accounts options
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @ScotM As I just wrote above your post, Intuit hasn't owned Quicken for the past seven years.

    As for a response, Quicken generally doesn't comment on future plans, even when users are unhappy with the way something is working. On rare occasion, the product manager might post something, but they normally do not.
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  • billeye10
    billeye10 Member ✭✭✭
    Thank You for the update. getting the function back will be greatly appreciated. 
  • bmon126
    bmon126 Member
    Yes. Bring it back as soon as possible! My downloads take forever. And the one bank that I have 2 factor turned on for always gets timed-out because I can't wait in front of my screen for 15 minutes waiting for the prompt. Most annoying...
  • nhuddleston
    nhuddleston Mac Beta Beta
    That’s good news. While they’re at it, maybe the team could look into putting that command on the right-click/contextual menu…?
  • dmyoung111
    dmyoung111 Member
    Please put this back! After every account update, I always go into the account and filter on "Last Downloaded" and go through the new transactions to make sure they are correct. I always do this before leaving my session in Quicken, because if I don't I will forget, and when I come back a week later I will download new updates again and have no way of filtering on all the downloaded transactions that I haven't reviewed. With five different bank and credit card accounts I don't want to be forced to review all the transactions for all my accounts every time I sit down and just want to update my main banking account.

    This really stems from the fact that there is no automated facility in Quicken Mac to review downloaded transactions the way there used to be in earlier Quicken Windows versions that I used to use (I have been a Quicken user since the MS-DOS version). If there was an automatic way of making sure that every downloaded transaction has been reviewed by me for every account, then I wouldn't care if all accounts were updated every time.

    When this Mac version came out a few years ago, it seemed like there was an assumption that reviewing all downloaded transactions wasn't necessary, and you could just let them go into your register and not have to worry about them. I have never found that to be the case; things still get mis-categorized and need to be reviewed.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @dmyoung111  I understand not wanting all accounts to update when you just want to look at one. I just wanted to comment on your description of your workflow to note that the icons in the Status column can be used as a way of keeping track of what has and hasn’t been reviewed, so you can review things days or weeks later.
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