Quicken getting stuck and "flashing"

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  • katsrgr8
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    I'm new to Quicken Comments, though I have used Quicken since it began in the 1990s. I have always liked Quicken (though I HATE the subscription service!). But recently I have been having serious issues with Quicken. The longer the program is open, the worse the issues get until the program gets "stuck" while trying to do something and it just goes into a loop and I have to shut my entire computer down since everything is flashing onscreen and I can't get Quicken to hold still long enough to find the close button, let alone click it.
    Quicken starts out just fine when I open it. Pop-ups like the Reconcile window or reports are fairly quick and clean. Changing from one account to another is fine. Then before long, The program briefly disappears from my computer, then shows up again. Sometimes it just kind of goes black. Then opening pop-ups or switching accounts takes longer with screens disappearing and reappearing more often - like multiple times in a row - before it accomplishes the task. Today, I was reconciling accounts from December. I got 7 accounts reconciled, then the 8th account just froze while processing with the little spinner going and the windows appearing and disappearing over and over while caught in an unending loop. I had to shut my computer down - yet again.
    I had problems with my computer last month after this started happening. I took it in for repair and he said it was a windows problem and he installed Windows 11 (without my consent). I had to reload Quicken on my computer and the problems just started all over again. Now I'm wondering if Quicken getting stuck and "flashing" and doing all this goofy stuff is what is actually causing my computer problems. ALL my other programs work just fine.
    Can anyone help with this?