FYI: R46.9 2022 Tax Planner Error

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In R46.9, the 2022 tax planner is incorrectly bumping the standard deduction $1500 ($100 too much) per person 65 or over (or blind) instead of $1400, which is correct number. The numbers in the 2023 tax planner are correct.

I updated from r44.28 directly to r46.9, so I don't know if the error is new in r46.9, or if it cropped up in one of the r45s. It was correct in r44.28


  • Karen Vierra
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    edited January 15
    R46.12 is still showing $28,900 as the standard deduction for Married, Filing Jointly, + both being 65+.  For 2023, it's showing $30,700, which is correct.  I've also submitted the problem to Quicken directly.
  • ahrivnak
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    Yes, the over 65 standard deduction for tax year 2022 is definitely wrong in Quicken.
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