Problems downloading transactions from Schwab and Etrade, Poor customer service

I have brokerage accounts with Schwab and Etrade with option trades...for the past 3 months or so , i have experienced multiple errors and missing entries in downloading transaction history through One Step Updates...often time it downloads as "unidentified security" which then have to be fixed manually or it misses the number of shares traded altogether. I have also noticed that Quicken has markedly slowed down in downloading of transactions. Regrettably, calls to Quicken Customer Service have been of no use. After making you wait for 30-40 minutes, i usually get connected to somebody in Guatemala ---quite pleasant but also very raw....After 15 minutes of explanations of the problem, the person concludes that it needs higher level intervention and puts me for another hold. If you ask them for a callback, he will say the company policy does not allow it ...quite frustrating... I have been a loyal customer of Quicken for over 25 years and have seen a steady decline in the product quality and, more importantly, in their customer service...i am almost reaching the breaking point and ready to dump the product altogether...Wondering if my experience is unique or others are having similar problems with Quicken customer service. [Removed - No Soliciting]...thanks
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