Email Authentication using SPF, DKIM and DMARC

As of 1/10/2023, the system that sends invoices to customers via email for Quicken HB&RP does not allow a way for DKIM to be configured for our custom domain name or provide us with the DNS records that need to be created for DKIM. Though it probably wouldn't be hard to come up with the appropriate additional entry for our SPF records with a little testing, as long as DKIM cannot be configured, DMARC alignment will never happen, and any invoice sent via email from Quicken using a from email address with a domain name that has DMARC fully configured and set to reject, will not make it through to the intended recipient, as long as the receiving email server is enforcing DMARC. As SPF, DKIM and DMARC continue to increase in their adoption to prevent spoofing, this will continue to become a bigger problem. I'm working around it now by copying the message on the screen where I would send the invoice from Quicken and pasting it into an actual email message in Outlook, as well as copying and attaching the PDF copy of the invoice. However, I only have a small number of invoices right now, and most often they will be annual invoices, not monthly, so no big deal, but that workaround will be a huge pain for any business with a significant number of invoices.


  • Camelot_One
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    I'm bumping into the same issue. I realize the programmers probably did it this way to make setup easier on end users, but here in 2023, it is simply not acceptable to send emails through a 3rd party server impersonating the user. It guarantees your invoices will flagged as spam.

    Either give us the option to configure and send through our own outbound mail server within the program, or just generate an outbound Outlook message that can be sent from the user's own email program.

    As it is, the "email" option has become completely useless.