Facilitate recording bond amortization

For those of us who buy bonds at other than face value (I'm not the only one), this is a SIMPLE change that will replace the present work-around, which is:

create 2 entries: (1) record effect on income and (2) record effect on cost basis (RtnCap)

CHANGE SUGGESTED: add to RtnCap popup - a selector:
1- transfer between accounts
2 - record premium amortization
3 - record discount amortization

If 2 or 3 is selected, the two entries would be generated with the
appropriate adjustments of cost and interest.

Even better - new tran "Record amortization of premium or intererest":
Enter: security name, amount and select "Prem" or "Disc" -- generate
adjustments of basis and income.

I have been going through the ridiculous annual task for many bonds for many years. I just assume that no manager, designer or programmer at Quicken has ever bought a bond at other than face value.

As long as I am asking - system could calculate current value/required amortization at the time that the bond purchase was initially entered.

Just saying.

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