Latest Patch causes errors in Reminders

Latest Quicken Patch (R46.12) causes an error with Reminders. If you have more then 8 sub-categories, it will delete the rest. Did multiple tests and super validated file to ensure no corruption. Reported the error. Hopefully they will fix it.


  • NotACPA
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    Please elaborate upon "more than 8 sub-categories".  Because, as you can see, I'm not only using more then 8 sub-cats, but also more than 8 sub-sub-cats ... and I'm running R46.12 also.

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  • rgornitsky
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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. It is sub-categories within a reminder. Create a reminder under schedule to deposit, then under transaction, then split it to more than 8 categories. Cannot put a screenshot. Sensitive data. Worked perfect until this build. I also have been using quicken since 1992.