allow display of entry date on both registers and reports

I reviewed one posting regarding how to show the entry date as well as actual posting date...e.g I enter my bill payment on 1/7 but actual transaction in accounts is 1/21.
The response in the community was to use the memo field.
Since the memo field is often used for other transaction information, it would make a lot more sense to add a date field that is automatically date stamped with current date when a transaction is created...and it wouldn't be a bad idea to also have one for last modified too.
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  • q_lurker
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    So I write a check on Jan 2 (transaction date).
    I enter it into Quicken on Jan 5 (created date).
    It posts (clears) the bank on Jan 8 (posted date). 
    I edit the payee on Jan 11 (last modified date).

    Are you asking Quicken to maintain a record of all those dates for that one transaction?  Sounds confusing to me with little value.  I am fine with the transaction date and for downloaded transactions the posted date. 

    Good luck with your idea.