1/13/2023 Update BUG Projected Balance Errors

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Great. Another Update that creates more problems than it solves.

Can you tell me how a starting balance of $2,715.21 plus a deposit of $1,702.80 results in an account balance of $4,860.71? I have tried it in five different calculators and none of them can duplicate this math.

And how, 90 days later, the account projection says the following:

Openining Balance: $18,410.43
Payment: -$1240.00
Deposit: +$92.60
Payment: -170.00
Payment: -125.00
Deposit: +$4,356.21
Ending Balance: $14,127.21

How does that math make sense?

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Anyone else having this issue as of today's series of endless updates?


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    Additional information:

    From what I can see, every week it is adding $442.70 to my account from nowhere. Each week the balance is off by an additional multiple of $442.70 --> $885.40 --> $1328.10 --> $1770.8 in perpetuity. In

    Alli did was update the program. Yesterday it was fine. Today, opened, updated, got this error. I made no changes other than updating.
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    Running into the same issues as of this morning immediately after updating. Projected balances chat on my main page, which typically is a flatline balance over the course of 12 months now skyrockets upward.
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    Exactly! Huge spikes upward and only in one account from what i can tell. And then I have a quarterly deposit that should be a step function increase on those 4 times per year that result in a step function decrease. The basic mathematical functions are not working properly. Whatever they updated really messed up the projected balances math.

    The software is of no value without this functionality. The only commonality i can find is that the error coincides with the date that "income" is transacted. Every instance of income is accompanied by a $442.70 math error that accumlates with each "income" transaction. Hopefully that directs Quicken Tech support to a source of the issue.

    Is your error accumulating at an exactly repeated $$ amount too? I am curious if it is $442.70 as well.
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    UPDATE: I spent 40 minutes with support and they had me try several things that didn't work: resotre previous back up, uninstall and reinstall Quicken, detlete the paycheck and recreate it, etc. The problem persists.

    I spent three hours trying everything i could think of to replicate the problem on purpose and found it.

    When creating a paycheck, if you create "other tax" fields (in my state we have 5 local/state taxes) to account for them, the new update subtracts them from the net amount but the "Balance Prediction" does not. I created the paycheck and then meticulously "edited all" one tax at a time till i found the issue.

    Also any extra pre-post tax deductions like added post tax 401(k) contributions create the same problem.

    QUICKEN SUPPORT: Please look into this.