A possible workaround for crashes while scanning attachments

I have a possible workaround for Quicken crashes while scanning attachments.

I am running:

Homegrown desktop; memory/disk/CPU definitely ***NOT*** an issue
Win10 64-bit - up to date
Quicken subscription (R46.12, build
Microsoft 3050, driver up to date (wireless mouse 5000 + wireless keyboard 3050)
-- (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014W20BAA/)
HP LJ Pro MFP M479fdw printer/scanner/copier/fax; driver/firmware up to date
-- (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RQB5WJW/)

(I added the Amazon website pages in case Quicken Support is interested.)

In response to the 39.21/39.23 paycheck issue (https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7910721/paycheck-issues), which I only discovered a couple of weeks ago (damn it!), over the past week I have painstakingly re-entered over 160 paychecks. I've also learned that it was a really bad idea not to scan every paycheck - so I'm scanning all of those in now...

PROBLEM: Quicken crashes OFTEN, seemingly unpredictably.

I've discovered a workaround: Don't move the mouse at all - NOT EVEN A LITTLE! - while the document is being scanned OR after you click Save (to save the scanned image). Wait until the next popup is on the screen and Quicken is waiting for you to do something. I literally take my hand off the mouse to make sure I don't inadvertently cause yet another Quicken crash.

The point here is to not send mouse-related input to your computer while Quicken is working directly with the image (creating it or saving it). I suspect that somewhere in the interface between Quicken and the device drivers, Quicken "listens" too carefully and gets interrupted at some critical point in the processing of the graphic image.

Taking your hand off the mouse while Quicken is working on relatively complicated tasks may be a good habit in general. What say you, Quicken Support?
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