CC-800; two credit unions and one credit card every few days

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I'm going to bunch these together for now, may require splitting this up if it really is related to the institutions themselves.

I have two credit unions, Visions Federal Credit Union and Pentagon Federal Credit Union, that every other day or so return CC-800 after a One Step Update individually. Meaning first Visions Federal Credit Union will return the CC-800 and I will deactivate all the accounts (8 with this FI) and enable one step update again and relink the accounts. The next OSU, pentagon federal credit union will return CC-800 and I do the same; deactivate the 6 accounts and re-enable one step update. On the next update my amazon card (synchrony bank) will do the same. OSU will work fine for a day or so, then the entire process repeats. I effectively have to deactive and re-activate 15 accounts. Tiring to say the least.

For the amazon account in the cloudsynch log I can see the request for my account information and the data returned looks correct. Even the balance number returned for a date back in 2017. I haven't looked at the log in detail for the two credit unions.

What gives? Any suggestions? I have uploaded logs, but as we all know we never hear anything back.


Windows 10, Release 49.12


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    hansenb40 Windows Beta Beta
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    After much reading, it appears the issue is pretty common. Lot's of folks wanting it to be fixed, myself included. The only fix offered is the one I've been doing. SIgh....   It would be nice to know what pieces of information are used to correlate the account with what's in quicken. Anyone know? I can't find anything in the logs. Can't even find the CC-800.