Add Icon beside account name (in each transaction window) to launch bank website

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Would be nice to have an icon beside the account name in each account's transaction window to Launch the institution's website that is entered in the account details. The icon would launch a new browser tab /window in the default browser.
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    If you want to access the bank's website to conduct transactions other than to download transactions into Quicken, it might be better and faster to just bookmark the bank's website in your browser.
    If you want to download transactions from the bank's website by creating a QFX file at the bank and downloading same into Quicken, you can select the new Action gear icon's function Import transactions from bank website.
    To make this a one-click process for the current account register, select the Action gear icon, select Customize Action bar, in a popup select Import transactions ... and click "Add". After you click Done, a new icon will appear next to the Action gear icon.