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Ability to easily record a Stock Wash Sale

adsoft2015 Mac Beta Beta
edited October 11 in Reports
I'd like to easily identify in the lots window whether one or more lots are a Wash sale when I sell an equity. This would then NOT show up on the Schedule D Capital Gains report and provide a more accurate report
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  • MontanaKarl
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    edited January 17
    I might be having an end-of-day senior moment.... but I cannot understand your request. True/successful wash sales most certainly DO appear in Schedule D.   A lot is not a wash sale... if you did a wash sale, you don't have the affected basis lot(s) any longer, whichever lots you chose to sell (if other than FIFO).

    The sale on your Schedule D is a long term loss... unless you violate the wash sale rule and buy back shares in the same security within 30 days of the sale....  And if you do, then that's where Quicken's basis tracking and Schedule D tracking falls apart because then the loss should NOT show up on Schedule D and the disallowed loss needs to be allocated to the subsequent purchase cost basis according to this:

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