Prior balances out of balance again..

Long time Quicken user for many years. I have had problems with opening balances on bank accounts and descrepancies on reconcilation of credit card accounts. This has happened before which does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the software as it seems to happen too often. It usually happens when I haven't done a reconcilation for a long time. I usually do my reconcilations 2 or 3 times a year when I have time. I don't know why these accounts go out of balance and the only way to proceed with reconciliations is to make an adjustment to bring it back in line. I took one account and checked statements to ending balances of previously reconciliations and nothing agrees anymore. Somewhere along something caused my accounts to go out of balance. I work in Information Technology as a software developer and I have an accounting background so I'm very knowleable in both areas. It kind of looks like old transactions may have disappeared throwing my accounts out of balance but I've gone back as far as the beginning of when the accounts were first set up and I can't find what is causing it. I tried validating the accounts but no errors were reported. Unfortunately I have to say that this reconciliation problem started when Intuit sold the software package. Before then, I never had a problem with Quicken. As I stated before, I have used Quicken as far back as 1992 and used it for years with no problems. I am using Quicken Premier Windows 10 Enterprise version R46.12 build

I don't like having to make big adjustments to bring my reconciliations back to where they should be. What is causing this problem?


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  • As I mentioned, I've been using Quicken since 1992 with no problems until the software package was spun off from Intuit. Having commented on this problem before, the given solution was that maybe I had a corrupted file and it needed to be copied and replace the current file. Tired that solution but nothing changed. I regularly do CHKDSK with repair option on my computer to insure I have no corrupted file segments but it didn't help my problem with Quicken it seems. This reconciliation problem seems to crop up after a Quicken software update.
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    I am also an original DOS user from the early 90's. I have had the same problem as you for the better part of 2022. Long story short it all started when I activated Mobile & Web last summer which I didn't figure out until recently. I was constantly chasing missing transactions and reconciliations that were way off. 6 weeks ago I disabled the mobile & Web, which I never used anyway, and all my problems immediately disappeared. I should have known because the Mobile & Web has always been a POS. Good Luck
  • Thanks for the suggestion about deactivating Mobile & Web services. I checked the settings and it is in the OFF position. I never had it turned on as I don't use it. So something else is creating the problem it seems. The only thing I have noticed is that it seems to happen after Quicken updates, especially if there is a big update to the software package. It just drives me crazy as it affects all my credit card accounts and my bank accounts. As I said previously, the only solution when the credit card account reconciliation shows an amount difference in the recociliation process or the bank accounts have a different starting balance is to click on the "Done" icon and it will create an adjustment to the affected account which I then post to a category I set up called "Balance Adjustment" to bring it back into agreement with my statements. You would think that the software developers of Quicken would be aware of this problem and fix it. As I said, when Quicken was owned by Intuit, I never ever had this problem, it's only since Quicken was spun off. I think it was around 2017 when the software package was sold and they started their yearly subscription for the software. Every time this happens, I validate my database and it never shows any problems, so I'm at a loss as to what is causing this problem.