Trouble installing Deluxe 2015 on new Windows 11 computer

Mark Jags
Mark Jags Member
I just bought a new computer and want to install my Quicken Deluxe 2015 onto it. When I originally bought the program, it came on a CD and since my new computer doesn't have a disc drive, I copied the install app to a thumb drive. After inserting the thumb drive and clicking INSTALL, the installation was going well at first until it asked for my Intuit password to finish it. Since Intuit no longer owns Quicken, I know there was nothing more I could do at that point.

In reading up on this in some of the discussions here, I tried downloading and installing the Mondo patch. When trying to install the patch, I got an error message that said it couldn't find this file "MSVCP120.dll" and couldn't do the install.

Any ideas how to fix this?