Issues in Quicken Data File

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  • KlisterKid
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    I have been noticing several disturbing trends in my Quicken file. I back it up to a local drive as well as to my NAS drive.
    I have seen:
    1) categories changing without my editing; validate tells me it fixed the category but doesn't tell me which one
    2) transactions disappearing from the file!!!
    I spent the last few days fixing some accounts and backed it up; I then started today accessing prior Quicken files BUT:
    a) I couldn't restore the most recent data that reflected changes I had made and downloads I got via the update procedure
    b) I noticed that through various attempts to resurrect the data some accounts at an earlier date had the transactions and then "somehow" those transactions disappeared!
    I have used Quicken for 20 plus years. My file is 350 mbs or so.
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  • Vetter
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    I am also an original DOS user from the early 90's. I have had the same problem as you for the better part of 2022. Long story short it all started when I activated Mobile & Web last summer which I didn't figure out until recently. I was constantly chasing missing transactions and reconciliations that were way off. 6 weeks ago I disabled the mobile & Web, which I never used anyway, and all my problems immediately disappeared. I should have known because the Mobile & Web has always been a POS. Good Luck