I need to know what to do when my one step update locks up ?

The one step update is freezing up when I try to download information from CITI Bank and Chase Banks. This just started happening last night.


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    HI @fcampbel,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your Quicken datafile.  If you can provide us with some additional information, that may help us to help you figure out what is happening.  Which version of Quicken are you currently running? Is this the first time that you've seen these problems; either way - how many times has this happened?  When the application is "freezing up" please describe exactly what happens? How do you stop it, when that happens?  Does it only happen when you download from both - or has this happened when you've downloaded only for one or the other?  Have you seen any other unusual behavior from Quicken recently - if so what have you seen.  Any additional information will help us to diagnose what you've experienced and to help fix this.



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