How to turn off pending online transactions?

i just downloaded quicken deluxe. Right now I cannot find away to turn off pending online payments in my register. I have automatic payments every month, but it is showing them deducted from the ending balance before and after being cleared! One of my accounts subtracted my property tax payments twice, Once for the pending, aka "sent" transaction in the ledger and then again later as "New" and cleared! ug! I don't want pending transactions showing!!!. How can I turn this off? the only way at the moment seems to be to actually canceling the online payment itself! I of course don't want to do that.


  • rachelgomez
    rachelgomez Member ✭✭
    From the Quicken Tools menu, choose Online Center. Select the financial institution from which the payment is drawn, then click the Payments tab. On the Payments tab, select the payment, and then click Cancel Payment.

    Rachel Gomez
  • blitzman
    blitzman Member
    I do not want to cancel the pending online payments. I want them to not show in the register.