Open register to current date as an option

I make many advance payments for the whole month or 2 ahead. When I open Quicken my default register goes to the last item line that was entered. It would be a lot more convenient to go to the current date. Then with a right-click command and select to enter a new transaction.
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  • UKR
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    There's a keyboard shortcut, CTRL-G, to go to a specific date in the (sorted by Date) register.
    A popup asks for which date to go to. I believe it defaults to today's date. If it doesn't, in the date field of the popup type the letter "t" (for "today"), then press Enter. All other date shortcuts are available, too, as in any Date field.
    CTRL-N jumps to the new transaction line.
    For the above to work, the blinking cursor must be on a (any) selected transaction line inside the register, not on a filter field or outside the register.
    You may want to try setting a Date Filter like "Last 30 days" or similar, to limit showing the number of future dated transactions.
    For more about keyboard shortcuts see
  • lpa
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    Thank you, UKR.  I have used Quicken for more than 25 years now and was unaware that there were common keyboard shortcuts. You have taught an old guy something new today.