I had Fidelity merge 3 old IRAs into one. How do I do that in Quicken Mac and retain the cost data?

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I had a traditional IRA and 2 different SEP IRAs from two different companies, all with Fidelity Investments. Now that I'm retired but not yet drawing from the IRAs, I wanted to simplify my paperwork and combine all the IRAs into one account. I called Fidelity and they made the transfer over the phone. Since these were all with Fidelity, they simply transferred the underlying investments in each account to the single surviving account, which retained all the cost data, dividends, etc. They did not CLOSE each account, they merely transferred the shares from one account into another. This is not so easily done in Quicken, however.

In Quicken, I opened the smaller of the accounts to merge from, pressed Enter Transactions, then dropped down to Shares Transferred Between Accounts and selected All Securities. (This account had 1 mutual fund, plus Cash.) On the small account, this worked fine. In the receiving account, it properly showed all the transactions for more than 21 years. The mutual fund shares and all historical data transferred to the receiving account.

When I did the same on the larger account (which includes 4 mutual funds plus Cash), Quicken handled it differently, even though the procedure I used was exactly the same. It Removed the shares from the larger account and Added them to the smaller account. Historical data did not transfer. Quicken effectively treated this like a Sale from the old account and a purchase into the new account. This account has 32 years of data.

Again, what Fidelity did was transfer the shares and cost data from each old account and moved them into an existing account. Seems like I should be able to do that in Quicken. Anyone have any ideas how? Or why Quicken treated the second transfer differently thant the first transfer?