Is it possible to reauthorize multiple Bank of America accounts that share the same User ID & PW

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"Bank of America may periodically request that you reauthorize your accounts in Quicken by signing in again. This may happen every 90 days or so." Since the EWC+ transition, I have had to reauthorize my BOA accounts after 2 or 3 months. I was not able to reauthorize all my BOA accounts in one 'reset' step. I first had to 'deactivate' each BOA account, and then select 'activate' in one of the accounts in order to reset them all. Is this the proper method to reauthorize multiple Bank of America accounts that share the same User ID & PW?


  • Hadit
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    I have had multiple BofA accounts linked to Quicken via Direct Connect for almost 20 years. Except for the occasional glitch everything worked pretty reliably until BofA discontinued offering Direct Connect in October 2022 I had these 'activation' issues as well which were never required in the past. In order to get it all working I had to completely sever all connections with BofA and reconnect them one at a time going through the activation process for each one individually.
  • JoeDeb
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    I have 4 Bank of America accounts, and none of them will update. I deactivated each of them (one at a time), and then selected one of the accounts, selected the Online Services tab for that account, and clicked on Set up Now. Set up Now brought up the Activate One Step Update screen, I selected Bank of America-all other states, and followed the next screen to sign into BOA to authorize my accounts. When the authorization completed, Quicken displayed an activation dialog box where I associated each of the 4 accounts with the Quicken Account nicknames. Great! ... I thought. But when I run One Step Update, or Update Bank of America-all other states, the update process starts then the Update Complete screen appears but none of the 4 accounts have been updated. How do I reconnect to my BOA accounts?
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