Not all transactions are downloading

When doing a One Step Update, many accounts are downloading/aware of the latest online balance, but the last few weeks of known transactions are not downloading (I can see them posted on their sites). Discover Card and Chase are the biggest culprits right now; Chase has been a problem since that the recent poorly executed update that was reverted. My trust in Quicken in waning. How do I fix this?


  • Tom Young
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    What Release of Quicken are you using?  (Help > About Quicken)
    I was having a similar problem with Schwab, another financial institution that decided to abandon Direct Connect as the downloading method and went to EWC+, as did Chase, as did Discover Card (plain EWC for Discover Card).  It does appear that Release 45.13 did fix this (I'm still testing) as that Release claimed it would:

    "What’s Fixed

        For some EWC and EWC+ accounts, there were unreported gaps (missing transactions) in the downloaded transactions."
     If you are not on the latest Release of Quicken I'd suggest you update to the latest release which is available here:

  • jk18
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    I'm on Release 45.21 Windows
  • jk18
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    Update - when I check for updates, it tells me I'm on the latest version (Release 46.12)