How Quicken can solve one big Schwab authorization problem

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Quicken is forcing users to go through an authorization process even when it is not necessary. Users can update their security settings on the Schwab website without going through Quicken. A simple fix Quicken can implement is to provide a bypass at the pop-up with the "sign in" box that take you to Schwab. A button labeled something like "Already Done" which then acts as if it got the OK signal from Schwab and continues on to the normal screen where you select which accounts to add or not add or connect to an existing account.

To get to the same authorization screen that Quicken takes you to:
1. Log on to
2. Click on the "Profile" button top right (next the the Log Out button).
3. Click on "Security Settings" in the drop-down box.
4. On the Security screen, scroll down to "Third-Party Access to Account Information" and click on "Quicken".
5. Select the accounts you want to authorize and then click "Save". (If you also select "Automatically link new Schwab accounts in future" then you should never have to do this again -- hopefully.)
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