Using the Expense (E) column for bringing reimbursable expenses into an invoice

I think it’s worth noting that when you use the “E” column, and then later bring it into an invoice, your gross receipts figure will no longer match your invoice amounts (customer payment amounts).

This has bothered me for a long while and I now believe the best way is that if you want to remember to invoice for these expenses, go ahead and use the “E” column. Later, when you bring the expenses into the invoice, change the category from what’s brought in (expense) to your gross receipts category.

This will give a less “hidden” idea of what’s going on. Sure, it all balances the other way too, but it looks weird to me when the gross receipts do not match invoice totals and your expenses don’t match what you spent. It probably won’t matter to most, but it’s always bugged me. For a while in fact, I thought it was essentially adding the expense onto the income side, since it appears that the expense is washed in an expense report, but that’s not the case because it reduces your gross receipts figure.

I really believe that Quicken ought to change the category when brought in, to an income category vs forcing me to change it myself on the form.