Paycheck Problems

I've used Quicken for many years. Stand alone versions prior to early 2021. Since then; the on-line version. As I had before I set up paychecks for mine and my wife's Social Security. A sudden paycheck bug in Quicken occurred in May 2022 and what had been working as expected no longer did. At the suggestion of another user I set up split transactions which worked ok. At the beginning of the year I couldn't find a way to edit them to update for 2023 so I deleted them with the intention of setting them up from scratch. I was unable to remember how to do that so I reverted to using the paycheck functionality. Mine was set up for the second Wednesday of the month and my wife's for the third. Each was deposited to separate checking accounts.

On January 11 my transaction went entirely as expected. However, and this is where it becomes frustrating beyond words, on the 18th the deposit was made to my wife's checking account BUT the amounts were from my "paycheck. ADDITIONALLY, on the 18th the same transaction was made in a third checking account! I think I've manually cleaned this up but unless there is a good explanation as to why this happened perhaps it's time to consider an alternative to Quicken.

Thoughts anyone may have as to this anomalous behavior are welcome. Perhaps this is related to an annoying feature that just started occurring where the previous transaction for a given entity is entered into the current one by Quicken. Once again another mess to clean up when it was a split transaction.


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    @fbock1887, what version are you running? The 46.xx versions are having lots of issues with split transactions. 

    Types of issues reported:
    Loan splits losing their amounts. 
    Transactions and reminders with more than 10 split lines losing split lines after the 10th split line. 
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