Split Categories Disappear from Scheduled Transaction

For years, I have had an Income Reminder reflecting my biweekly paycheck. This reminder included multiple categories (ex. Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, transfers to 401k accounts, etc.). Just now, I went in to record receipt of my most recent paycheck and all (except the first 10) categories for the transaction are missing.

I have tried deleting the income reminder and recreating it, but again, only the first 10 rows of category splits are saved.

I have also restored from previous backups and the problem is now evident there (even though it was NOT evident at the time the backup was made).

I have also created a NEW Quicken file, created a single account in it, created a single Bill and Income Reminder with 11 rows of information for split categories and saved it. When I then go back to edit the Reminder, only 10 rows of information are there.

Seems like a problem with the application.