Reminder Transactions Not Automatically Entering

This has been an on & off problem (had it for a while, it went away for a while, and now it is back) where reminder transactions that are supposed to enter automatically are not posting to the register and show as "overdue".  I then have to go manually into Bills & Reminders and manually tell Quicken to enter one at a time.  It's across all accounts.

I am on Quicken Home & Business R46.12 for Windows.


  • abartonkc
    abartonkc Member
    I'm having this problem too. I cannot enter the transaction into the register without first changing it from "Automatically enter transaction into the register" to "Remind me in 0 days in advance". I did not have the problem previously and it only started to occur after updating to the latest version of Quicken for Windows (R46.12).