Credit card in scheduled transaction

I have my credit card set-up for a weekly reminder for the full balance. If the payment is in the future all works well. If the payment is scheduled in the past it shows the full amount due every week and never goes to 0.00. My expectation is that it would only show the full amount one time.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @Greg183

    I think I may know what your question is but the way you have stated it above is a little confusing.  Maybe you can explain what "If the payment is scheduled in the past" means?

    I think the confusion here may come from the way that most folks use their credit cards (or maybe just their "main" or "favorite" credit cards).  Truth is - if you use one credit card "all of the time", or even "most of the time" - it is likely that it NEVER goes to a zero balance.  That is because - even if you paid the entire "amount due" from your last credit card statement (think "bill") by the due date, between the date that that statement ended and the date you needed to pay that statement balance, it is likely you've already made new purchases, which increase the account balance.  And you never actually have a zero balance.  And as far as the "full amount" goes - that would presumably be your "credit limit" which most credit card users (except for those with new or bad credit ratings) never reach.

    Hope this helps, but feel free to get back to me with any followups.


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  • Tom Young
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    I guess I don't understand what you're trying to achieve here or exactly how you're going about it.  I'm guessing you're not having the weekly reminder for the full payment actually post to the Account, but you've set up the Account to "Show reminders?"  And what's the point of having a "full payment" reminder show up every week?
    From a pure accounting point of view - "budgeting" isn't "accounting" - when you know the amount of your credit card bill and its due date, you enter that in your checking Account with an offset to the credit card Account.  I can understand the practicality of having a sort of "placeholder" reminder that shows up right around the due date with an estimated amount that you then edit to the correct date and amount when that information becomes available.  But the weekly reminder for the full amount, obviously set up after you receive the credit card statement, I don't understand.
  • Greg183
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    To clarify the issue, I hope. Each week i pay what ever balance I owe one my credit card. If in my register I have a balance on the card of $500 and the scheduled payment is in the future it will show in my projected balances only once for $500 on the scheduled date.

    If I skip a week because I was out of town or something after I enter my credit card transactions (may have done from the mobile app) the $500 would show for 'last' week and every week going forward.