Why are you getting rid of the overview?

It has an excellent UX. Easy to read, well organized, behaves as expected, readable type, has everything I need. Why are you forcing people to now use an oddly laid out dashboard, with strange dead areas (25% of screen reserved for rarely occurring uncategorized transactions?) Everything goes to popup windows? Inexplicable new functionality (Ability to change the section header colors? Why?) Seriously regretting accepting the latest update. A bummer, as I've always been really impressed with Quicken UX/UI in the past.


  • Wait--I can get back the preferred view by double clicking on All Transactions in the left-hand menu. Please tell me this will still be possible in new releases? It's the best way to view everything.
  • RickO
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    I don't have any inside knowledge, but I believe they will be adding more tiles to the Dashboard. So eventually it will probably have all the same sections as the Overview, plus more. Did you know you can rearrange the tiles in the Dashboard by dragging them? You can make the uncategorized tile the last one if you wish.

    That said, I don't see the All Transactions register going away. Did you know that whenever you quit Quicken, it reopens on whichever screen you left it on? I personally never use the Dashboard or Overview. I work in my registers and rely on custom reports (to which I've assigned keyboard shortcuts) for anything that the Dashboard/Overview would tell me. I always quit Quicken with my most frequently used account (checking) register displayed so that it reopens on that account.
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  • jacobs
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    @Jennifer Rash I also don't have any inside knowledge, but I can give you my thoughts about why they're making changes here.

    (1) Users have been asking them to make changes to the Home page, to make it much more configurable by users, almost since the modern Quicken Mac came to market 7+ years ago. (Here's one such thread.) Although it may do everything you want it to, other users have been frustrated that they cannot tailor things on the Overview page to their needs. 

    (2) The current Overview screen is a carry-over from the predecessor program, Quicken Essentials, which formed the core code for the current Quicken Mac. That code is more than a decade old, and likely uses some technology which they're no longer using in the ongoing development and programming of Quicken Mac.

    So, in order to implement the changes users have been asking for, they decided not to mess with trying to revamp the old code, but to write a new version of the Home screen which would be capable of doing much more. Using the Dashboard interface, which was introduced last year for Investing registers, they can build on existing code and build something which looks familiar to users. As @RickO says, I believe the new Dashboard tiles will eventually include most or all of the functionality of the old Overview page.

    I don't understand why you say you are "seriously regretting accepting the latest update" — because nothing has been taken away! They haven't removed the Overview yet, because they haven't built all those features into the Dashboard; they're just letting people know the direction things are moving, and trying to get people used to using the Dashboard page.
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