Problem with Chase downloads? My discovery

kenkud Member
With ongoing frustration re Chase downloads decided to explore further.
Along the way discovered at the BOTTOM of "My Accounts" in "Tools" (after any old/unused/closed credit card accounts) new entries for my two Chase accounts that, amazingly, had the missing data from last spring to my latest update!!!!!

I have not verified that all of the data is there or if this is a one off and others will find their Chase accounts at the very end of their "My Accounts" list.

I have no idea how this occurred and did nothing I'm aware of to accomplish this. I'd be interest in knowing if this works for you and solves your problem.


  • kenkud
    kenkud Member
    I'll have to wait until new charges are added to Chase accounts to see if they are downloaded. However, having trouble activating type of downloading when I edit Chase accounts in Accounts. Neither old or new Chase accounts appear in automatic account update list.
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