Quicken Validation and Repair errors

whargus Member
edited January 25 in Investing (Windows)
I've been having problems with my large Quicken file crashing and decided to run the validate and repair procedure. I have years of history and closed accounts in this file and just need to get it cleaned up some. The procedure seems to have stabilized the file and it is not crashing as much but is has created dozens of new securities and security transactions trying to assign transactions to a security. Mainly in the old closed accounts. Now I have all these new "SEC #" securities it created and bogus balances in both closed and open accounts.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to delete these new securities or assign them to an actual security that is in the account? Or other ideas on how to deal with this to get rid of these securities and transactions and ultimately close and delete the old accounts....

Any ideas on how to get rid of old accounts and transaction safely and without leaving hanging transactions?

Also what does the super validate process do and do you think that would help any?

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to deal with this issue.....