Withdrawal Transfers Out Show as Deposits

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edited January 26 in Investing (Windows)
Not sure how to explain this strangeness. It happens randomly.
Sometimes when I sell shares from a 401k account then withdraw the cash as a transfer to a checking account, the transfer from the investment account adds to the balance in the 401k instead of subtracting from it. When I edit the transaction to investigate what's going on, it all looks fine so I click enter/done and the problem is resolved.

The transfers are monthly, so I have them set up in 'Bill and income reminder' as a Transfer reminder. The reminder is set up to transfer $X,XXX per month. Under Bill and Income reminder it shows the amount as -$X,XXX. Then randomly it will show up in the account as a deposit instead of a withdrawal. Very strange. I need to investigate the transfer account the next time it happens (I can't now because the problem fixed itself for now).