Creating New Year budget with categories and actual rollovers

Quicken version R46.12, Build:, Windows 10

I think I created a new year budget wrong to include prior year rollover. I'm playing budget catchup on a several years 2020-2023. I believe I made the mistake in using the Budget Action pull down. I either selected the "Duplicate this budget" or "Create a new budget" for the new year budget. I believe from what I've read is that I should of used the increment year arrow to create a new budget. It would of popped up a window to give choses to create the new year budget (this method wasn't obvious). I'm trying to work forward from a 2020 budget. I want to be able to rollover year-to-year categories surplus and debt. I'm not seeing this rollover by using Budget Action pull down menu. So appreciate any suggestion to re-create my prior years budgets.

Also I read in a post the user mention that there is a difference between creating a new year budget before the end of the year versus after the new year has begone as far as rollover, is this true?

Thinking these are the options to re-create my prior year budget:
1) Delete my year budgets 2021-2023 and create new year budget from 2020 using the increment year arrow. Would the increment year arrow still popup for older years as well?
2) Manually rollover categories updated between 2021-2023 adding/sub each categories. This could take up time.
3)? Other Suggestions

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