Downloaded interest credited to wrong account

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When I download my bank transactions, TD Bank dividends get credited to an inactive Discover account while all other TD Bank transactions get credited correctly.
How do I prevent future instances?


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    Hi @knute97,

    When you say "get credited to an inactive Discover account" can you tell us whether that account in Quicken is still  "connected"?  Please go to "Edit account details" for the Discover account and tell us what you see on the "Online services" tab.



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  • UKR
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    If you would, also please show us one or more of these transactions in the account register. Create an image snapshot, save it to JPG, PNG or GIF file. Drag and drop the file from Windows File Explorer into your new comment on this webpage.
    Is it possible that an obsolete memorized transaction entry causes the new transaction to be mis-categorized as Transfer instead of pointing to an appropriate _IntInc or _DivInc category?
  • knute97
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    The Online Services Tab shows the comment "Download transactions directly from your institution" with a Set Up Now button.

    It occurs monthly and I cannot show the transactions at this time since I have deleted the Discover entry and manually entered it in the TD Bank register.
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