Negative cash balance in investment accounts

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Up until about a year ago my investment account would show a number in the Inv. Amt column, then the same number in the cash amt column, leaving the cash balance at 0. Ex: 2.50 Inv. Amt, 2.50 cash amount, cash balance 0. Then it started showing the cash amount as a negative number, which in turn increments the cash balance by that amount. Ex: 2.50 Inv Amt, -2.50 Cash Amount, -2.50 cash balance. And as each investment gets entered the cash balance increments by the amount of the cash amount. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?


  • RichJS
    RichJS Member ✭✭
    I think I figured out why. If you click on edit transaction, the "use cash for this transaction" is defaulted to "from this accounts cash balance". Prior to the negative numbers the default was "FROM" selected, and from the account list the specific 401K account. Is there any way I can update all "bought" transactions to use the "From specific 401K account" And how do I set the system so it uses that as the default instead of "from this accounts cash balance"?
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