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I understand that you do not plan to restore/create this feature for Mac. I'm not interested in starting over every year, but it would be helpful to do it once in a while. I have transactions since 2006 and much has changed. The Categories have become bloated with hundreds and hundreds of categories I no longer use. I have dozens of accounts that are no longer used or needed. Overall, it's a mess. I'd really like to be able to retire the file, refer to it if needed, but start with something clean and more user friendly. Additionally, I'm preparing my estate for my eventual demise and if my executor was to access my current Quicken file, she would probably faint.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Even if they put in a year end copy like is in Quicken Windows, it doesn't seem like it would address your problems.
    It never touches the categories, or the investment transactions for that matter.
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  • jacobs
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    @FeminaPrudens Your request is not alone. I think your use case is one of the compelling ones for why the developers should implement some form of year-end-copy/save-a-copy/archive functionality in Quicken Mac. People's lives do change, and a Quicken data file can become cumbersome if you have many accounts, categories, tags, securities from an earlier part of your life which you might want to keep in a separate file as a historical reference, while de-cluttering your ongoing use. 

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    @Chris_QPW You're correct that a function to purge old transaction data won't fix cluttered accounts and categories, but if the transactions are gone, then a user can manually delete accounts which now have no transactions, and categories which are used by no transactions. For investment transactions, if accounts are closed, a user could just delete the account and all its transactions manually, and then delete securities no longer used in their database. It would certainly not be an automatic process to clean up one's data, but I think the developers could make it easier for users who want to clean up these kinds of things to move forward. 
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