Memorized Payee Amounts not being saved

I have a Memorized Payee that appears to work properly during the manual entry of a transaction, but the entered Amount is set to blank upon saving the transaction. Editing the transaction and re-entering the Amount works, but this seems to be a bug. I have tried every combination of options in the Memorized Payee list, to no avail. This feature used to work fine in earlier versions of Quicken.


  • TexMike
    TexMike Member ✭✭
    This is happening to me too (Quicken R47.11). Noticed a few weeks ago that memo field was not populating for downloaded memorized payees or manually entered transactions in registers. I checked the memorized payee details and the memo field was blank for the payees. Filled in the memo field again in memorized payee field. But it disappears again. Is this a bug? It always worked until recently.
  • Alan.Guggenheim
    Alan.Guggenheim Member ✭✭
    Same problem. Any solution?
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