Online Balance not displaying correctly from Navy Federal Credit Union Visa account

jmbuyske Member ✭✭
My NFCU credit card account recently has a positive amount (credit). When I do a download, the Online Balance in Quicken shows a negative number, red in color, of the same amount. This has occurred for the last two downloads. (I am waiting to see how the Online Balance appears when the credit card's actual account balance turns back to negative.)
I did not think this should matter in my account balances BUT I thought I would do a DEACTIVATE/REACTIVATE on the account to see if that would correct the problem. Unfortunately, that process adjusted the opening balance so the Quicken ending balance matched the incorrect Online Balance. (I use Set-Up-Now tab, not Add Account method of reactivating the account.)
My checking/savings account have a positive balance and their Online Balance is correct. Maybe the way NFCU sets a positive balance in their credit card account does not translate well to Quicken's servers.
OBTW, I am using W11, Quicken Deluxe R47.7, build
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