Transaction download issues from Fidelity Cash Managment account since 1/1/23

Quicken is not downloading transactions for a Fidelity Cash Managment account. This seems to be the only affected account and the problem arose at the beginning of the year. It is linked to a Brokerage account. Quicken support told me that there is no ETA and that the ticket number is 10000452. Can anyone help me?


  • crandolphbock
    crandolphbock Member ✭✭
    I see that Quicken has been addressing a Fidelity transaction download issue for a couple of months now, without resolution or an ETA. I have several Fidelity accounts and I am only having an issue with the Cash Management account. The new Quicken version sees this as two linked accounts: one is for stocks and the other is for cash. The download may be working for the stock account but it is not working for the cash account, which is the one that I use! See info on the Cash Managment account here:
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